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God is jealous for His name and for His glory. We were created to be the image bearers of God, to reflect and manifest His glory in the world. AWAKEN is the catalyst to stir our hearts to dependency on the Word of God, to activate a passion for the world, and to engage as disciple makers of the nations. When God awakens His people to the passionate pursuit of knowing Christ and engaging His mission, we become men and women after God’s own heart.



Awaken a desire to see God glorified among the nations.



  • Immerse in His word
  • Seek His will
  • Engage in His work
8 weeks
Local Groups
$150: Launch Kit $15: Individual book



For the Glory of God

  • The God Who Delivers
  • For the Sake of His Name
  • To the Glory of God the Father
  • Do it All for the Glory of God

God’s Blessing and Purpose

  • The Covenant with Abraham
  • A Covenant for All Peoples
  • Restating the Covenant
  • More Narratives of Blessing and Purpose

God impacts the Nations as He Blesses His People

  • Revisiting Familiar Stories
  • Psalm 46:10
  • Understanding God’s Global Purpose

The Psalms and Prophets Reveal God’s Heart for the Nations

  • Ruler of the Nations
  • Prophets to the Nations
  • Israel’s Response
  • Our Response

Savior of the World

  • Whose Savior?
  • Fulfilling the Scriptures
  • Savior of the World
  • Disciples of the Savior

His Call to the Nations

  • Jesus and the Nations
  • Call to the Nations

To the Ends of the Earth

  • The Coming of the Holy Spirit
  • The Ministry of the Scattered Believers
  • The Jerusalem Council
  • Hope for both Jews and Gentiles
  • The Church Then, The Church Now

Personal Application

  • Intimacy and Mobilization
  • Mobilization Defined
  • Spiritual Disciplines


The following FAQs apply to the AWAKEN program only. Please go to EMPOWER or EQUIP pages for details and FAQs associated with those respective training programs.

How do I apply?

Register for AWAKEN here

When does the course occur?

After the launch in Fall 2022, AWAKEN can occur whenever since it is a small group study intended for you to participate in with people in your neighborhood, church, family, etc.

What are the prerequisites?


How many can go through the study at one time?

We recommend group sizes between 2 – 12.

What are the costs?

$150: Launch Kit (includes 10 participant books, 1 facilitator guide, online training with an AWAKEN coach, access to video content, swag box)

$15: Individual book and access to video content

Can we do this as a small group?

Yes. You may work through this study with a group or on your own.

Can I purchase the study guide?

Yes, it will be available for purchase through our website starting September 2022.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently, we cannot ship AWAKEN materials internationally, but we are in the process of developing a shipping option to come at a future date for those who live outside the U.S.

I have more questions, who do I contact at TRIAD?

Contact us at

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