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TRIAD’s EMPOWER course is designed to see you harmonize with the realities of a New Creation and thereby find everything you require to fulfill the mission of God.

It is the Holy Spirit that teaches and imparts truth to the inner self. Irrespective of background His great desire is to guide any believer who is ready into heights unknown. He will meet you in the place of prayer and there unveil your eyes to truths that transform. Our Christian life is not a wanting search into distant lands where treasure exists for those who venture; no, the Christian life is much simpler; it is a discovery of the glorious treasures that are ever present within. When the believer comes to the realization that all that is needed for life and godliness is as close as their believing heart, the search turns into a jubilant praise of the life given upon initial belief.



Union with Christ as the source of empowerment for His mission.



  • Faithfulness to His word
  • Surrender to His will
  • Committed to His work
40 days
TRIAD US HQ (3 days)
TRIAD Outpost (37 days)

EMPOWER is coming Summer 2023. Join our interest list to stay updated and be the first to know when registration opens.


Authority for his mission


Origins of the New Creation

  • God’s Authority
  • God’s Power
  • God’s Glory
  • God’s Plan

The New Creation Revealed

  • The Son of God
  • The Son of Man
  • God’s Purpose in Man
  • Authority Regained

The New Creation Delivered

  • From the Cross to the Throne
  • A Heavenly Life
  • Our Intercessor
  • Obtained and Maintained

Empowered for his mission


United Through the New Creation

  • Benefits of the Union
  • Not Without Blood
  • Shedding versus Sprinkling
  • External versus Internal Law

The New Creation Revealed

  • New Creation Realities
  • New Creation FAQs
  • Inner Life and the Outer Life
  • Revealed by His Spirit

Contents of the New Creation

  • Justification
  • Sanctification
  • Righteousness
  • Partaker of a Divine Nature

Prepared for his mission


United in His Death

  • Substitutionary Work
  • Co-Crucified
  • Romans 6:6,11
  • The Cross Applied

The Soul and the Cross

  • The Soul Defined
  • Hierarchy
  • The Division of Soul & Spirit
  • Traits of the Carnal Believer

Soul and Self

  • The Invitation
  • Lessons from Peter
  • Calculus of the Kingdom
  • Loss and Life

Fruitfulness in his mission


United in His Life

  • A Redeemed Consciousness
  • Fruits as Evidence
  • A Warning and Rest
  • Consider Yourself


  • Lessons from Luke 4
  • Sons of God
  • Who are You?
  • Empowered from on High

United in His Mission

  • Follow Me; Regardless
  • The Fate of the Unreached
  • One Way
  • Every Note


The following FAQs apply to the EMPOWER program only. Please go to AWAKEN or EQUIP pages for details and FAQs associated with those respective training programs.

How do I apply?

Registration for the Summer 2023 class is coming soon. Join the interest list and information about how to apply will be provided as soon as it is available.

When does the course occur?

EMPOWER occurs at the beginning of June through mid-July.

What are the prerequisites?

Participants must be at least 18 years old and have successfully completed AWAKEN.

What are the costs?

Costs for the program are still being calculated. Students will be responsible for their costs and we encourage support raising through your local church.

Are donations to this program tax deductible for students?

TRIAD is unable to provide a donation receipt for students.

What is covered in the costs?

Room and board, tuition, and training materials.

I have more questions, who do I contact at TRIAD?

Contact us at

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