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"Group of Unreached Children 👧👦🌍 Embracing a mission to bring hope and education to children in unreached regions. #UnreachedChildren #MissionForKids"
"Worship with Every Ethne 🙏🌍 Embracing diverse cultures and backgrounds in unified praise and adoration. #WorshipWithEveryEthne #GlobalHarmony"
Our Purpose

The end goal of God is His glory known and enjoyed in every tribe, tongue, and language. Therefore, the end goal of every Christian and every local church is the spread of God’s glory among all the nations. The plan Jesus has given for accomplishing this goal is the Great Commission: making disciples among all peoples.

The reality of our world is that it is filled with urgent spiritual and physical needs. Billions of people in thousands of people groups are unreached by the Gospel, and many of them are suffering in unimaginable ways. Therefore, TRIAD exists to mobilize Christians and churches among the nations to make disciples and multiply churches, spreading Gospel-hope on the frontlines of urgent need. We are committed to encouraging and equipping all who claim the name of Jesus to live sacrificially, courageously, and compassionately for His cause until His name is known, His love is enjoyed, and His glory is exalted in all the earth.

Our mission

We exist to glorify the King by mobilizing, equipping, and deploying followers of Christ into the world’s hardest-to-reach places and people groups.


TRIAD supports, trains, and deploys laborers to: EMBRACE adversity, OVERCOME barriers, and GLORIFY Christ among the unreached.

"Muslim Girl's Eyes 👧👀 Expressing the beauty, depth, and stories within, reflecting a rich cultural heritage. #MuslimGirl #EyesOfWisdom"

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