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"Outpost Missions 🏰🌍 Strategic initiatives reaching unreached territories with transformative impact. #OutpostMissions #GlobalReach"
"Embedded Among the Unreached 🌍💡 Illuminating lives and cultures, bringing hope to untouched regions. #EmbeddedAmongUnreached #GlobalMission"
"The Outpost Logo 🏰🔍 A symbol of strength and vigilance, representing a secure and strategic presence. #TheOutpost #VigilantStrength"

An outpost is “an outlying or frontier settlement; an outlying branch or position of a main organization or group; a security detachment dispatched by a main body of troops to protect it from enemy surprise” -Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The Outpost is TRIAD’s flagship training base located on the frontlines and embedded among the unreached for the purpose of concentrated equipping for deployment among the nations. Instead of training Christ-followers in the midst of comfort and convenience in countries of Gospel-saturation, our vision is to provide training at a facility among the unreached, on the frontlines of the world’s most formidable environments and unreached areas.


"Frontlines 🌟🛡️ Embracing challenges head-on, courageously standing at the forefront of meaningful change. #Frontlines #CourageousAction"

What Makes The Outpost Distinct?

  • Strategic location embedded among the unreached
  • Indigenous leaders and foreign worker opportunities
  • Contextualization in Islam, Hindu, and Buddhist studies
  • Instruction from global experts with over 400 years of combined mission experience on six continents
  • Focused deployment to the hardest-to-reach places and people groups
  • Hands-on, real-life training among the unreached
"Arabic Street 🕌🏙️ A vibrant and bustling street filled with Arabic culture, sights, and sounds. #ArabicStreet #CulturalVibrance"

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