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"Unreached Physical Needs 🌍🀝 Addressing and uplifting the tangible necessities of communities in unreached regions. #UnreachedCommunities #PhysicalSupport"
"We Congregate at the Frontlines, Not Just in Pews πŸ™πŸ›‘οΈ Embracing action and impact beyond church walls. #FrontlineCongregation #ActiveFaith"

Who we are

Our why

We know what we do. We know how we do it. But most importantly, we know why we do it. Our purpose, our cause, our calling, our mandate… We exist to glorify the King. This is our β€˜why’. We start with our why! We think, act, and communicate from the inside out. Our belief in glorifying the King motivates our team to mobilize, equip, and deploy Christ-followers to the hardest-to-reach places and people groups on planet earth. What drives passion for unreached people is not guilt, it’s God’s glory.

Inspired by the Ted talk from Simon Sinek

"Who We Are Circles: Glorify the King πŸ‘‘πŸŒŸ Embracing our identity to magnify and honor the divine ruler. #GlorifyTheKing #IdentityInChrist"

Established work

Over the last few decades, we’ve been working in some of the toughest environments that exist. Places where it’s not easy like: North Korea, Afghanistan, and the rugged Himalayas. You’ll find us where barriers seem insurmountable, where the lost sit in darkness, and where the name of Christ has not been heard. We are indigenous – infused with a myriad of cross-cultural workers, blended to accomplish impossible things together by His Spirit. We congregate at the leading edge of the frontlines, not just in pews.

We’ve been unable to publicly talk about the eternal nature of our work due to endangering ongoing activities, but now with the proper security protocols in place, we sense it’s time to raise a banner – to gather a resilient band of disciples intent on glorifying Christ among the hardest-to-reach places and people groups.

"Unreached House 🏠🌍 Serving and bringing hope to homes in unreached areas with transformative impact. #UnreachedHouse #MissionForChange"

Depths of suffering

We believe that the Church is God’s agent on earth established to equip believers to reveal God’s love to a lost world. You’ll find us in barren lands where the afflicted suffer in sorrow. We’ve arrived at these destinations because we followed our Savior. We follow Him regardless of the consequences because we believe in eternity and its destinations. We practice a perpetual, active faith in Christ to not just get us to the field, but to keep us there and, flourish.

We’ve watched unimaginable levels of human tragedy and suffering unfold before our eyes. We’ve wept with our brothers and sisters until all our strength was gone – then we arose, turned our tears into tactics, and joined them in the depths of their human suffering – just as Christ joined ours. From there, hope springs to life and healing ensues.

"Unreached Boy πŸ§’πŸŒ Embracing a mission to bring hope and love to children in untouched regions. #UnreachedChild #MissionForChildren"

We value formal theological training, but we don’t consider it a prerequisite for service. We invite workers – as Christ invited us – to β€œcome as you are” with tender hearts open and ready to learn God’s Word through the obedience of faith as we walk by His Spirit. We are a dedicated band of disciple makers, not trusting in our own ability, but empowered by Christ’s faithfulness for the accomplishment of His mission.

Our work served as a catalyst for forming the Stratus Index, and we utilize it to help inform our strategy for where and how to work. We want to be smart, almost scientific, in how we approach the mission; yet we recognize that without the Spirit all of our labor is in vain.

"Stratus 🌐✨ Empowering global connections and solutions for a brighter future. #Stratus #GlobalImpact"
"Group Missions at Waterfall 🏞️πŸ‘₯🌍 Embracing adventure and purpose while serving together in breathtaking natural surroundings. #GroupMissions #WaterfallExpedition"

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