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in every tongue, tribe, nation, and people


We exist to glorify the King by mobilizing, equipping, and deploying followers of Christ into the world’s hardest to reach places and people groups.


A strategic pipeline aimed at discipling and embedding followers of Christ to spread the Gospel among the hardest to reach places and people groups.

Step 01


AWAKEN is the first step, the catalyst to stir our hearts to depend on the Word of God, to activate a passion for the world, and to engage as disciple-makers of the nations. Through an 8-week study, AWAKEN aims to cultivate a desire to see God glorified among the nations.

Step 02


Through a mentoring model, our EMPOWER track trains students to know Christ more deeply and understand His heart for the nations. During this 40-day training, situated in the Caucasus, students will encounter and be empowered by the realities of who they are in Christ, fueling them to be part of God’s mission in the world.

Step 03


Through an intense 9-month training program in the Caucasus, among the unreached world, TRIAD seeks to equip individuals called to serve long term among the hardest to reach places and people groups. Seasoned TRIAD staff train with methods used to penetrate barriers and spearhead Gospel access platforms.

Step 04


TRIAD deploys its graduates among the hardest to reach places and people groups. These difficult places remain unreached for a reason and formidable barriers have impeded the progress of the Gospel for centuries. TRIAD field workers are prepared to embrace adversity and overcome barriers as a lifestyle so that Christ may be glorified among every tongue, tribe, and nation.


And People Groups

Today, there are over 3.2 billion people or over 7,400 people groups, that are unreached. Lostness is the reality but not having access to the Gospel is the travesty.

TRIAD focuses specifically on the hardest to reach places and people groups as identified on the Stratus Index and within the 10/40 Window. These remaining places and people groups are waiting for the greatest news of all time! We are motivated by the vision that one day all nations and people groups will glorify the King.

A Triadof Convictions

Our mission is among the hardest to reach places and people groups. Therefore, we embrace adversity when it comes. We intentionally seek out dark places where the lost are suffering so that His light radiates. We invite every opportunity to overcome barriers. We do all of this to glorify our King. One day, every ethne will rejoice in eternal praise to the One who is worthy of it all! These three elements converge in our TRIAD of convictions:

Embrace, Overcome& Glorify

Is Triad for you?

TRIAD is a resilient band of disciples intent on glorifying Christ among the hardest to reach places and people groups. TRIAD is for you if you:

  • Worship the King
  • Yearn for a deeper relationship with God
  • Want to make your life count
  • Are passionate about making disciples
  • Are a disciple of Jesus
  • Have a willingness to overcome hardship
  • Want to seek to understand adversity and sacrifice
  • Have a passion to reach the unreached and unengaged
  • Desire to see biblical churches established in the hardest places

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TRIAD is a nonprofit organization functioning as a mission society as defined at 26 CFR Section 1.6033-2(g)(1)(iv).